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The cryptocurrency markets in Russia and Belarus have recently declined sharply due to sanctions from the European Union. High-value cryptocurrency services are now prohibited from being sold to Russia as part of the fifth round of sanctions implemented in response to the Ukraine conflict.

EU’s statement on clarifies Russia belaruscrawleycoindesk

The European Union has clarified that crypto assets are subject to the sanctions imposed on Belarus and Russia. The statement from the EU is significant as it provides clarity on how crypto assets will be affected by sanctions against these two countries.

On Wednesday, the EU issued a statement declaring that crypto assets fall under the heading of “exchangeable assets.” Therefore, the sanctions imposed on Belarusian for its involvement in the EU Russia belaruscrawleycoindesk for its invasion of the Ukrainian are categorically encompassed by these sanctions.

This new package of regulations makes it clear that cryptocurrency holdings are considered to be ‘transferable securities.’ This was already the case, but today’s announcement clarifies the issue,” an EU representative told CoinDesk.

Although some US politicians have voiced concerns that the EU Russia belaruscrawleycoindesk could use cryptocurrency to avoid sanctions, it is doubtful how much truth there is to this. Salman Banei, head of public policy at Chainalysis, told CoinDesk TV that this was “unlikely” to occur.

The sanctions against Russia and Belarus for their involvement in the Ukraine war include limiting their crypto assets. These sanctions specifically target Russia and Belarus, and clarify what actions are prohibited.

Reclaim by Russianparker

An EU official told CoinDesk that, according to the current pack, crypto assets were protected by “versatile assurances” at the time. However, the updated message confirms that credit and advances also include cryptocurrency.


The US government is concerned that Russia could use its cryptocurrency assets to evade international sanctions. The European Union has therefore imposed similar restrictions on Russia and Belarus.

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