Top Difference Between Dell iDRAC And HP ILO?

Is it safe to say that you are befuddled about server Purchase? Unable to arrive at resolution on whether to purchase a Dell server online on the web or go with an HP server? Then, at that point, you should look at contrasts among HP and Dell servers, where you may cross HP’s Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) and Dell’s Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) as of now. These are the installed servers and the board apparatuses/innovations that permit the framework chairman to keep up with, oversee and screen the server. These devices additionally have the capacity to know whether the framework is turned on or whether any working framework is introduced with the assistance of controller access.

The Dell iDRAC and HP ILO advances help in expanding the uptime of the server by advising the likely disappointments or issues to keep the server from disappointment or lessen the disappointment recuperation time. The two of them are fueled with improved security, which permits the overseers to perform basic administration capacities by giving secure admittance to the far off servers. 

Dell iDRAC:

Dell’s iDRAC is out of band framework security, the executives toolset with ‘n’ number of programming devices that is tracked down in your Dell server. The iDRAC makes the server organization simple and useful by working on the adaptability and generally accessibility of the Dell servers. iDRAC can possibly alarm the framework administrators with server issues and assists with taking care of the distant server the executives and subsequently helps in decreasing the requirement for actually getting to the server.

The past rendition of the board stage for example DRAC was introduced as a development card however the most recent iDRAC is remembered for the framework’s motherboard. The ongoing most recent form is iDRAC8 which is tracked down in Dell’s most recent thirteenth era of PowerEdge servers.

The iDRAC the board stage is based on IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface), and consequently, it can uphold all the fundamental IPMI usefulness that incorporate server temperature, fan and voltage checking. 

The IDRAC with the lifecycle regulator gives the memory data, server wellbeing observing and the CPU status. It likewise gives prescient disappointment observing and programmed processor control. This Dell’s administration stage can likewise help in server organization errands that incorporate programmed revelation, XML-based setup and capacity gadget arrangement. The iDRAC interface utilizes solid security, support investigating undertakings and firmware refreshes.


The HP’s iLO, for example Coordinated Lights-out, will be out of the server the board stage tracked down in the HP ProLiant servers. This inserted server the board device permits to control and screen your HP server from a far off area. iLO is a strong administration device that gives numerous ways from the framework executive to refresh, design, screen and run your HP server from a distance. The ongoing most recent variant of this administration stage is iLO 4 which is installed in the most recent age 8 and age 9 of HP ProLiant servers.

The ILO 4 administration stage is incorporated with the executives programming that incorporates HP OneView and Insight control that aides in conveying progressed capacities. Its high level highlights incorporate API access and high level server wellbeing check for better diagnostics. It likewise integrates a few highlights that enhance the far off server observing.

Through far off knowledge board order language, the HP’s iLO upholds XML based prearranging, further developed wellbeing framework and agentless observing/the executives. The most recent highlights like iLO alliance disclosure and the executives, are upheld in age 8 and age 9 HP ProLiant servers.

The iLO the executives stage permits the client/administrator to perform different activities from a distance, including turning on and off the framework, reestablishing, checking the framework in any case the present status of the server, measure power use, perform firmware refreshes, apply patches and infection refreshes through virtual organizers and virtual media, getting to the server’s occasion logs and the HP Integrated Management Log.

The HP’s iLO is based on IPMI innovation utilizing the inserted administration processor that upholds many elements that incorporate framework arrangement and design from a distance, observing the server wellbeing and temperature.

The distinction between the Both-Dell iDRAC and HP iLO:

There isn’t a lot of contrast between Dell’s iDRAC and HP’s iLO as both are created with similar functionalities, the two brands have quite recently similar sort of innovation with various names. The iLO is a lot simpler to utilize contrasted with the iDRAC, it is efficient, luxuriously highlighted and furnishes better coordination with its administration apparatuses. In contrast with iDRAC, the iLO has a more extravagant remote control center containing media and power controls. Both iLO and iDRAC support Java-based and ActiveX remote control centers. The iLO upholds CLP, which is a text-based order line interface from the DMTF while iDRAC upholds skeletal order (control power, view log, exit).


To control and screen Dell and HP servers from a far off area, the iDRAC and iLO are the most impressive administration apparatuses. One can undoubtedly design, update, run and screen the servers from a distance. Both Dell’s iDRAC and HP’s iLO server the board apparatuses give practically a similar usefulness. These administration apparatuses are a way for the framework manager to interface with the server, to send off a distant KVM meeting, remotely access the framework and reboot/begin/stop the framework’s power.

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