Filing Indian Ola 139m Series 7.3b

Indian engineering giant Ola recently filed to raise an impressive $139M in its Series 7.3B round of funding. This venture capital (VC) round is the largest private equity and venture capital funding ever raised by a venture-backed Indian company, with the company receiving funding from both India and international investors. The funds will help Ola expand its footprint in the country, expand its offerings and explore new markets. This article will provide an overview of Ola’s Series 7.3B round, outlining the various elements of the funding, the motivations behind its raising of funds and what this suggests for the future of Indian business.

Background on Ola

Founded in 2011, Ola is an app-based cab service and by far the largest ride-hailing company in India, with a market share of almost 60%. The company started out offering simple city cab services, and has since expanded to offer auto-rickshaws, outstation cabs, luxury cabs, and even electric vehicles. It revealed that its app has so far seen 10 million rides across 200 cities in India.

Ola’s Series 7.3B Round

Ola has announced that as part of its Series 7.3B round, it has raised $139M. The venture capital round was backed by 28 investors, ranging from tech giants such as Google and Microsoft to VCs such as Sequoia Capital India, US-based DST Global, and Softbank of Japan, as well as numerous other Indian and international entities. Notably, the company stated that it will also use the new funds to grow its electric vehicle arm Ola Electric Mobility.

Motivations Behind the Fundraising

Ola has expressed multiple objectives behind its Series 7.3B fundraising. The most immediate and obvious is the expansion of its service offerings, both in terms of geography and type of services offered. This expansion is primarily intended to take advantage of growing demand for cab services in India, as the population continues to increase and urban migration accelerates. Ola also made clear its desire to become the leading electric mobility company in India, with its news arm- Ola Electric Mobility aiming to provide millions of electric vehicles to users across the country.

Impact on the Indian Business Landscape

The successful fundraising by Ola indicates the large international investor interest in the Indian tech sector. By securing more than $140M in VC funding, Ola has sent an empowering message to other Indian companies looking to raise funds from outside sources. This can incentivize more Indian companies to explore VC funding as a way to facilitate their growth. Furthermore, by expanding its services and offering electric vehicles, Ola is not only providing a model for other companies to follow, but it is also helping drive a shift in the Indian business landscape, towards growth-stage investments in the country and towards increased adoption of electric vehicles.


Indian engineering giant Ola recently raised an impressive $139M in its Series 7.3B round of funding, making it the largest private equity and venture capital funding raised by a venture-backed Indian company ever. The funds will be used to expand its offerings, explore new markets, and grow its electric vehicle arm- Ola Electric Mobility. Moreover, the fundraising has not just impacted Ola and its investors, but could have a wider, long-term impact on the Indian business landscape, promoting growth-stage investments and electric vehicles.

Related FAQs

Q1: What was the amount of venture capital fundraising secured by Ola for its Series 7.3B round?

A1: Ola secured $139M for its Series 7.3B round.

Q2: Why was this funding important for Ola?

A2: This funding was important for Ola to expand its service offerings, explore new markets and grow its electric vehicle arm.

Q3: What is filing ola 139m series 7.3b edelweiss?

A3: This is a venture capital funding round by Indian engineering giant Ola.

Q4: About filing indian ola 139m series 7.3b.

A4: This is a venture capital funding round by Indian engineering giant Ola, raising $139M from 28 international and Indian investors.

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