How to Send Large PDF Files From Your Devices

Do you need to send some PDF files but can’t make them possible due to their large size? Looking for sources that can lead you to understand how to send large PDF files? You are at the ultimate endpoint.

Many people said that they get a notification ‘The file you are trying to send exceeds the size limit for email’. This notification appears whenever they try to send a large PDF as an email attachment. Let’s discuss some convenient ways to resolve this issue and share large PDFs.

Why Are PDF Files Preferred Over Other Formats?

PDF is the most common file format for all sorts of digital documents on all types of devices. Most people are converting other formats to PDFs, especially professionals, for reliability. This file format shows the same content with the same formatting on all devices.

Since PDFs are accessible on all digital devices and are small in size, these are excellent for sharing and collaboration. Plus, you can convert PDFs to Excel, Docx, PPT, or any other file format. If you are searching for how to convert from PDF to Excel or Word formats, there are different ways to do that.

Why Can’t I Share PDF Files?

Do you encounter issues when sending PDFs as email attachments? Several reasons may be taken into consideration for it. For example, unsupported file type, corrupted PDF file, large size, or PDF with a virus. Most software and email services limit the PDF size in attachments.

If you can’t transfer your PDF and get an error message for the large size, follow the methods discussed below. These are convenient ways to send or share large PDF files without getting a pop-up for a large size.

Share Large Files Through Email

Sending PDF files as an attachment to email becomes difficult when their size exceeds 25MB. Open Finder on Mac or File Explorer on Windows. Access the folder having your large file. Right-click on your file or folder, select Send to option and then tap the Compressed (zipped) folder on Windows.

On macOS, keep holding the Control key while hitting the chosen file and next select Compress. A new file will display in the same folder with the .zip extension. Check the size of the zipped file and attach it to an email, for example, via the Gmail desktop.   

Send Using Google Drive Mobile Application

You can use the Google Drive app on your mobile phone when you can’t understand how to send large PDF files. Access the PDF file you wish to share and click three vertical dots. Tap on Share and input the individual’s name with whom you want to share the PDF.

Also, mention the link to a message and a file that goes along with the email. Change the permissions by hitting the drop-down menu available at the pen symbol. After that, tap on the airplane icon to share the file with collaborators.

Share Large PDFs Through Google Drive

If your PDF file is larger than 25MB, you can send it through cloud storage. In this method, you can apply access permissions to prevent who can see, edit, comment, or forward your PDF. Login to Google Drive and access the PDF. Hit the three dots icon and tap Share.

Include people you wish to share your PDF with, and hit Done. An email with a PDF link will be sent to the receiver. Or, you can access a link sent to collaborators in Get Link. Choose your option and hit Copy Link. You can also set if the receiver can see, edit or comment.

Optimize PDF Size and Host It In Cloud

Based on the email app you are using; the PDF file size can be restricted. It is ordinarily restricted to 20-25 MB. When you have to share large-size PDF files through email, opt for the methods to reduce it. If reducing the PDF file size doesn’t work effectively, upload your PDF to a cloud.

This tip is generally recommended when the size of your PDF file is extremely large to send or share. Hosting a PDF to the cloud is possible using a reliable file hosting service. You can use trusted cloud services, including Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or iCloud Drive.  

The Conclusion

That’s it. These are effective ways to share large PDFs. If you are sending PDF files through the mail, check your file size. It should not go beyond 20MB for Outlook, iCloud Mail, and Zoho Mail. PDF file size should not exceed the standard size of 25MB for Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

You can send large PDF files as email attachments by compressing them to the required size. But, this way, the emails are not encrypted at rest or in the transit process. Hence, there is a possibility that your sensitive data in PDF could be compromised. 

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