Running in the rain is a revitalising experience and the continuous drops of water help your skin cool off and keep your temperature regulated as you continue to go the distance. However, some people find running in the rainy months to be a challenge and find it hard to gather the motivation to stay active during these times. Wearing the incorrect clothing while running in the rain can slow you down and lead to a drop in your immune system but running in the rain doesn’t have to leave you feeling achy and cold – the right gear can make the world of difference. 

Whether you want to take to the trails or simply take your dog for a run on the road, wearing the right running shoes will keep your feet warm, dry and cosy, allowing you to work out without feeling miserable and unmotivated in the elements. Waterproof running shoes make the world of difference and ensure you enjoy your outdoor activities – even in gloomy weather.

Below, we take a look at the top three benefits of investing in waterproof running shoes.

The Benefits of Waterproof Running Shoes

  1. Keep your feet dry with waterproof running shoes

    This goes without saying! The greatest benefit of waterproof running shoes is that they are designed to keep your feet dry and free from the elements. Unlike traditional running shoes that come with lightweight mesh uppers, waterproof running shoes are made with a technologically advanced lining. This lining prevents water from entering into the shoe and soaking your feet – protecting you from a variety of issues and possible injuries.

    2. Keep your feet blister free with waterproof running shoes

    Blisters can be one of the most annoying and frustrating things that come from running and trying to keep active in general. Add rain to the mix and the chances of developing blisters heightens enormously. When your feet are wet, you are actually more likely to develop annoying and painful blisters because your skin becomes softer and more susceptible to abrasions that come from the simple act of just walking – let alone running. By investing in waterproof running shoes, you will keep water out of your shoes so that your feet can stay comfortable and dry. 

    3. Keep your feet warm with waterproof running shoes

    When water enters your shoes, your feet won’t just get wet, your entire body will get colder. This is a very uncomfortable situation for anyone and when this happens on a run or a hike, it can become a little more dangerous. With this in mind, it is vital to take into consideration how important keeping warm is during extreme weather conditions – particularly in the colder months. By wearing waterproof running shoes, this can be prevented as your feet will remain warm and dry throughout your excursion. 

    When not to wear waterproof running shoes

    We have seen the benefits of wearing waterproof running shoes in the wet and winter months but let’s look at when waterproof running shoes aren’t necessarily the best choice. It is important to remember that waterproof shoes shouldn’t be worn every time you go running. Try not to wear waterproof shoes in warmer weather, even if the trail is wet. This is because a waterproof barrier can cause your feet to heat up and it’s not necessary to keep your body temperature hotter than normal during a hot summer trail or road run. 

    Waterproof running shoes for a happier you

    Specialised and technologically advanced waterproof or water resistant running shoes and clothing will keep you warm in the winter or rainy months as you take to the open road or the tricky trails. Make sure to also invest in waterproof or water-resistant jackets and running pants as well as headlamps for an extra level of comfort and safety during these times. You don’t have to stay locked in doors and limit your physical activity and training when it’s wet outside. Get yourself the right gear, take to the road or trail and keep your energy level and motivation up! 

    When you are active – you are happy. And when your feet are happy – you’ll be even happier. Dry and warm feet are important during the winter and colder months and this is why it’s important to invest in waterproof running shoes. 

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