Hello guys

This is my immense pleasure to acquaint my personality in front of you all.

My name is Vivek Kumar,The owner of technoinstructor.com, I belong to palampur which comes under the state Himachal Pradesh.

On this website you will get the latest updates and information related to technology and apart from this you will get tips and tricks related to tech and you will find many more information on this website.

I used to enjoy learning things related to technology since childhood.i enjoy learning new things related to mobile and technology.I always triying to find new things in my mobile too. That`s why i have also made my website related to tech.

I also have a channel on YouTube related to tech,which you can also check:-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI3mofCwMI37yFCez8JtCjQ

If i talk about my education so i have graduated from Shahid Captian Vikram Batra college palampur and now i am doing digital marketing course from CIIM in chandigarh.

Moreover,I belong to a nuclear family.we are 4 members. We all have a great level of understanding between us.

Besides this,My leisure pursuits are listning music,Boxing,spending time with my elders and performing art activities.

last but not the least,my strengths are honesty,loyality and punctuality towards everything.

Thats all!  Thank You

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