IT Staff Augmentation in 2023

It typically takes a long time to find in-house IT specialists, especially if you require middle- or senior-level developers or specialized professionals like Scala developers or Big Data engineers. However, if your project needs a team player as soon as possible, such a strategy might not be successful.

It would be wise to employ the staff augmentation hiring model in this situation. It is concentrated on internal team expansion to assist you in quickly hiring specialists for your project.

What Exactly Is Staff Augmentation?

The practice of employing specialized personnel and professionals in accordance with the demands and needs of your firm is known as staff augmentation. These methods enable businesses to enhance their competence via the temporary usage of outside people while effectively meeting submission deadlines and staffing initiatives.

When you use a staff augmentation approach at work, you contract with highly competent personnel rather than hiring them full-time. It is a particular kind of outsourcing approach that gives a company the freedom to staff a project as it sees fit and adapt to various business goals.

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When working on a specific project or thinking about extending your business into a new market, staff augmentation may help organizations accomplish their objectives and deadlines without having to hire additional full-time personnel.

IT Staff Augmentation Types

Standard Staff Augmentation

It is perfect for all tasks. This is the standard scenario when a provider offers temporary workers.

Independent Business Persons

Here, independent contractors who have been hired directly by the business do the necessary duties.

Expert Vendor Personnel

It’s perfect for a big scale. Temporary employees cover any holes that the firm may have in this situation.

Platform for Gigs

They are online resources that provide users access to highly qualified workers. For quick or simple tasks, this model type is best.

Demand-Side Platforms for Talent

Here, vendors can also access highly skilled workers online, similar to gig platforms. For all kinds of projects, they are perfect.

Boutique Firm

It is made up of small businesses that concentrate on specific skills. This model is ideal for specialized requirements and uncommon skill sets.

What is the Procedure for Adding Staff?

If you want to grow your team, you must determine the knowledge and abilities that are needed, the desired number of developers, and the amount of time that will be required. The outsourcing vendor won’t begin selecting candidates for your project until these issues are resolved.

Vendors typically maintain a database of technical experts and, if necessary, can look for additional specialists on the market. You will be able to schedule interviews with the chosen candidates and send them test tasks once the resume screening is finished. The IT staff augmentation company will send job offers to the candidates after the test and the interview has been successfully completed. 

The IT provider will adjust for each person as necessary based on your hiring policies and standards, which are almost certainly different from theirs. The hiring process can take between 10 and 21 days when the most frequent factors are taken into account.

What Problems Does Staff Augmentation Face?

Staff augmentation poses certain additional difficulties for any firm.

A specialist may need to have a high degree of institutional or contextual knowledge, for instance, in order to complete specific tasks. It may take a while for the project to ramp up to full speed in this kind of situation, regardless of how skilled the temporary team member is. As you can expect, this might reduce the cost-effectiveness of staff augmentation.

Some businesses are concerned about whether adopting staff augmentation services will last. For instance, they can be worried about becoming more reliant on outside sources for their skills.

The greatest option for continuous skills needs or long-term initiatives is generally not staff augmentation. You incur the danger of the temporary personnel leaving before the project is completed, for example, if you are thinking of increasing your workforce for a project that you anticipate would take three years.


It is crucial to note that staff augmentation is a viable business strategy for companies of all sizes. When effectively implemented, this approach may make your company more cost-effective, attain a whole new level of flexibility (in comparison to in-house teams), and, most significantly, free you up to concentrate on your primary business goals. Please feel free to get in touch with Fireart for more information if you need any extra assistance with IT project outsourcing.

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