Trovata 20m Series Wells Fargo 30m Rileysiliconangle

Trovata 20m Series Wells Fargo 30m RileySiliconAngle is the newest venture by Trovata 20m Series, in partnership with Wells Fargo and RileySiliconAngle. Through this partnership, Trovata 20m Series will help facilitate the rapid growth of a select group of early-stage innovative companies. The team will bring its experience and insight to bear, leveraging the resources of Wells Fargo and RileySiliconAngle to support and nurture the growth potential of these companies. This unique partnership provides early-stage entrepreneurs with unique opportunities to access capital and market-readiness guidance.

Background of Trovata 20m Series

Trovata 20m Series is a venture capital firm that specializes in early-stage funding. The firm was founded in 2015 with the aim of helping entrepreneurs secure capital while their businesses are still in the early phases of development. Since its inception, Trovata 20m Series has invested in over 30 companies across a range of industries, including healthcare, software, media, education, and energy. The team at Trovata 20m Series has a wealth of experience in venture capital investing, having worked or invested in various stages of companies’ development.

Wells Fargo in the Partnership 

Wells Fargo is a leading financial services firm with a long history of success in investing. The company has invested in many of the world’s leading technology and financial companies, and its venture capital arm, Wells Fargo Capital Finance, has made significant investments in early-stage companies. In addition to direct venture investing, Wells Fargo has also provided loan capital to startup businesses. By teaming up with Trovata 20m Series, Wells Fargo is looking to bring its resources and experience to bear with the goal of facilitating the growth of select early-stage companies.

RileySiliconAngle’s Role

RileySiliconAngle is an online platform that helps early-stage companies gain access to potential customers, investors, and talent. The platform provides entrepreneurs with resources such as webinars, blogs, and an online course platform to help them navigate their early-stage growth. In addition, RileySiliconAngle’s network of advisors, mentors, and industry resources provides entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to build a successful business. Through this partnership, RileySiliconAngle will provide Trovata 20 m Series and Wells Fargo with guidance, resources, and expertise to help get the selected startups on a path to success.

Impact of the Partnership

The Trovata 20m Series Wells Fargo 30m RileySiliconAngle partnership provides early-stage entrepreneurs with an invaluable opportunity to access resources, capital, and expertise. Through this partnership, the select startups are provided with a unique chance to get the resources and guidance they need to realize the potential of their companies. With the combined resources of Trovata 20m Series, Wells Fargo, and RileySiliconAngle, the startups are in a better position to accelerate their growth and success. 


The Trovata 20m Series Wells Fargo 30m RileySiliconAngle partnership is an exciting opportunity for early-stage entrepreneurs who are looking to access resources, capital, and expertise. Through this partnership, the selected early-stage companies will be provided with the necessary tools to help them realize their potential and realize their dreams of success.

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