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Photo retouching seems like the usual photo editing service, but it is more than that. It comprises many subject-related areas such as editorial, portrait, commercial, product, creative and beauty retouching.

Each photography style has its considerations for retouching. Editing a portrait is unrelated as compared to editing a product photo.

Below, we will show you the 5 most generic types of high-end photo retouching services, such as outdoor, catalog e-commerce, portrait, product, and commercial shoot.

This way, you can differentiate between the various retouching types and understand the care given to the photos.  

So, let’s scroll down and start reading!

Photo Retouching for Outdoor Photography Photos (Basic)

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For outdoor photography, photo retouching is done by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color. Heavy retouching is not done for outdoor photos to maintain the natural look of the outdoor space. 

Presets with ready-made settings and alter them to ensure they sit well on photos. Slight cropping and rotation of the photos are done to bring out the finest quality. Skin retouching, clothing creases, and backgrounds are not touched in the photos.  

Photo Retouching for Catalog Photography 

For catalog photography, retouching mainly focuses on how the photo gets cropped and cleaning the background floor. It also makes sure that the clothing color matches the original products.

Photo cropping is done depending on the client’s preferences. The clothing must be color corrected to match the product. 

Photo Retouching for Portrait Photography Photos (Skin & Hair)

For portrait photos, the prime focus is on the skin, and these photos are taken up close and near the subject. The subject’s personal qualities and attributes are kept intact. 

Minute details like pores, oil on the skin surface, dark circles, and eye bags can be seen clearly. Therefore professional photo retouching services include editing skin to make it look smooth and flawless, teeth are whitened, and keeping the subject look natural. 

Basic edits like brightness, contrast, and color are also corrected to enhance the photo. Due to the details included, retouching takes much longer to edit each photo. 

Photo Retouching for Product Photography

It is important to ensure that the images highlight a product’s most interesting and beautiful part. It is done during photo shoots, and post-processing helps enhance it. It requires expertise such as changing backgrounds, compositing, and retouching.

First, the product’s unique qualities are seen, then the details of the products are kept in focus, which makes the picture look unpleasant. 

Highlights and shadow adjustments are often included in the retouching process. Although some products are transparent and highly reflective, adjusting the lights and shadows helps enhance the product’s various dimensions.

Photo Retouching for Commercial Photography (Intensive)

Photos taken for commercial usage are of higher resolution, meaning that the finer details in the photo can be seen since they are very sharp.

The retouching process involves many steps, such as retouching the blemishes and scars, brightening & whiten teeth, even skin tones, getting rid of stray hairs, and smoothing all wrinkles. Higher-resolution photos will result in visible pores.


Great expertise is required to do photo retouching. Finding a good retouching agency in NYC can solve many issues you face when you want your pictures retouched. Gather all the necessary information you want and then see the desired results.

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