5 Reasons Why You Need a Strong Password for Your Online Activities

Cybercrime is on the high rise, and cybercriminals are unrelenting. Every day, they get hold of personal information such as email addresses and passwords and use it for various illegal activities. The repercussions of such illegal acts can be massive for the individuals involved in most cases.

This has become a major concern for anyone using high-end devices or gadgets for online activities. It is even more worrisome when you consider the fact that we can barely do anything without using the world wide web in this generation. Whether you want to register for an online course, play jackpots online, or facilitate international business transactions, among other things, you will need to use the internet, and a lot of financial and personal data will be shared in these transactions.

It becomes more important to come up with strong passwords as a breach of these private keys may lead to untold consequences and loss. Below, we’ll explore why you need a strong password for your online activities.

To Prevent Password Security Threats

Compromised or weak passwords give cybercriminals leeway and permission into your most personal accounts. So, a strong password is needed to shut hackers out. You must create passwords that are strong enough to fool hackers. These people have been in the game for too long and will use any information they can find about you to try and break in.

They can either use Dictionary-based hacks, where they combine dictionary words and phrases commonly, brute force attacks, where an automated program is used to combine characters until it creates your passwords, or even social engineering, where they target you personally through the personal information you post on your social media. If any of these is used, it can compromise your password and allow valuable data to be moved. Don’t make it easy for them.

Prevents Damage To Your Business

Having a compromised password can cause huge damage to your business. Due to the cybercrime effect on the website, you can experience a huge downtime and, as such, cause customers to lose faith in your business. Hackers can also put malware, such as pornographic content, and this can damage your reputation and affect your brand in a very negative way.

These cyber attacks can cause lasting brand damage as you are usually left with the hard task of regaining your clients’ trust. While some people can be lucky to regain the trust of all their customers, some might not be. So to prevent this from happening beforehand, a strong password is your best bet.

To Prevent Website Redirection

When a hack happens, you will probably lose your website data. But that is not all, you could also experience a website redirection. Hackers can redirect your site to another which may or may not have any connections with your brand.

This can affect your marketing campaigns and conversions as your prospects will be redirected to a website that isn’t yours. This has cost a lot of people a loss of their website, clients, and money. This is why prevention, in the first place, through a very strong password, should be considered.

Prevents Incurring Debts Due To Attacks

Depending on the severity of the attack, it can be very expensive to repair a website once it has been exposed to malware and several other kinds of cyberattacks. Ultimately, retrieving the lost data and returning the website to default can be capital-intensive. Why not put in place a secure password to prevent this?

Prevents Blackmail

In a bid to make money, many hackers will start to blackmail their victims once they get a hold of their data. It’s even worse if it’s valuable data and information. Knowing they have the victim in their palms, they begin to ask for the most ridiculous things ranging from cash to kind. The victims, who don’t want to lose their data, may succumb to their requests.

While some hackers back off after the victim has given them what they asked for, some persist, hoping to get more out of the victim. With a strong password, you can never be at the mercy of the men of the dark internet, so you should look into your passwords and strengthen the ones that are likely to be compromised.


If you want to go on with your activities safely online, either as a business or individual, your safest bet is to use strong passwords. They do not have to be a maze or complex; they just must be able to keep the bad guys out.

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