Your Guide to the Constitution State

Imagine a crisp fall day. You’re walking along a brick sidewalk, dusted in yellow and orange leaves, holding a hot beverage as you admire the centuries-old architecture of New England. If this sounds appealing to you, then Connecticut could be the perfect travel destination for you and your family. The state of Connecticut is rich with history–political, literary, scientific, artistic, etc–and a surprising amount of it has been expertly preserved, making it ideal for anyone who wants to travel back in time. But among all of the museums and the historic tours, there are plenty of other things to do while in Connecticut, so you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy.

Historical Attractions

A great spot for history buffs to visit in Connecticut is Old Wethersfield. The town itself was home to the first European-American settlement in the state, established almost 400 years ago. The Wethersfield Historic Society offers a variety of tours to educate visitors on the town’s rich history. One of the most popular of these tours is the Wethersfield Heritage Walk, which is a three-mile-long, self-guided tour that takes you to twenty-two different historical markers throughout the town, educating you on the origins of Wethersfield.

If your interest is piqued more by the history of famous Connecticut inhabitants, rather than the founding of the state itself, then from Wethersfield, you can hop over to Hartford to visit the house of Mark Twain, where some of his greatest works were written. The house itself is a National Historic Landmark which has been expertly restored and turned into a museum where tours are offered six days a week so that guests can learn about Mark Twain’s life and legacy.

Family Fun

Connecticut is home to many family-friendly amusement parks, like Quassy Amusement Park. The park is located in Middlebury, Connecticut, adjacent to scenic Lake Quassapaug, and is also home to the Splash Away Bay Waterpark. Quassy Amusement park has over twenty exciting rides, including their popular wooden roller coaster, Wooden Warrior. The waterpark offers eight rides for children of all different ages. Combined, these parks are a fun way to spend a hot Summer day in Connecticut.

For those who are a bit more adventurous, Thrillz Adventure Park, located in Danbury, Connecticut, offers an indoor obstacle course, zip lining, rock climbing, free jumping, laser tag, and more. This indoor park is a perfect option for adrenaline junkies or families with kids who need to let out some energy. Thrillz Adventure Park has its own restaurant located inside the park as well, with a child’s dream menu, complete with pizza, chicken tenders, and french fries. Keep in mind, Thrillz is usually booked out pretty far in advance, so if this sounds like a spot you’d want to hit on your trip, it’ll require some planning.

Planning Your Trip

Perhaps more important than deciding what you want to do while you’re in Connecticut is deciding where you should stay. The first thing to consider is location. You want to be sure that you’re central to all of the activities you want to fit into your trip, that way you can cut down on travel and maximize your time experiencing everything the state has to offer. You should also consider the cost of lodgings. There are plenty of options for cute little bed and breakfasts or higher-end hotels, but the more that you budget for a place to stay, the less you have to spend actually exploring the area. When traveling to any city, Airbnb is a great alternative to your typical inn or hotel since most listings will have a lower price per night, and oftentimes provide more space and better amenities for guests.

Another big cost when traveling is food. To save on this expense, consider looking for lodgings where you’re able to cook for yourself and pick up some basic groceries at the beginning of your trip. Another tip for saving is to plan ahead on where you’re going to eat each day. Try to find a few cheaper options that get good customer reviews, and only splurge on a few meals, that way you have more in your budget for all of the activities you want to do during your trip. 

The most important thing to consider when planning a trip to Connecticut is, of course, the time of year you want to go. The season you pick could limit the types of activities and tours available. If Connecticut appeals to you because of its natural beauty and outdoor recreational options, then Summer is clearly the ideal season to visit, but if your motivation for visiting Connecticut is your love of history, then fall might be a better option. While there are many outdoor tours offered both in Summer and Fall, there are usually special ghost tours offered around October that are not offered during the rest of the year. This could add an extra spooky and exciting element to your trip.

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