Major .NET Trends

Microsoft has developed a special technology that is designed to run various web services and create applications. We are talking about the .NET Framework platform. But to find out what it is and what are the main trends in development, continue to get acquainted with this article.

The platform was born 20 years ago. At first, it was an alternative to the well-known Java. The main difference was that .NET was designed specifically for Microsoft Windows.

Even though the platform was created in hell in 2002, it continues to enjoy its popularity. This Framework allows us to simplify the work with different languages. If this platform did not exist, then each programming language would be required to create a separate System.

The popularity of .Net does not fall at all, as well as for .net developers. Therefore, if you need the help of specialists, you always know who you can turn to for help with the implementation of any project.

What are the main trends in .NET development?

Microsoft excels at delivering exceptional tools and platforms that make it easy and convenient to build high-performance web applications for the developer community.

.Net Core and .Net have created many top-notch and successful web applications that fit the main purpose of the application.

New updates and directions appear regularly. Therefore, keeping up with the times and following them is not so easy. So let’s look at some trends:

Blazor platform

This open-source platform allows the developer to easily add applications with interactive features. The dominant attributes of HTML and Razor allow the developer to display code from the client and server sides.

Cloud Service Update

Azure Cloud Service is no longer a novelty. Everyone who works in this industry knows this cloud service very well. This cloud service allows users to access their data, documents, and tools from anywhere in the world to track business progress.

In short, the latest version of Azure Cloud Service satisfies the need for artificial intelligence, big data, and an analytics approach for existing applications.

.Net 5

This is one of the great updates to the .Net Framework as it is moving towards an update allowing React, Angular, and Blazor to be updated. In addition, users can enjoy the following benefits:

  • EF core;
  • ASP.NET Core MVC;
  • asp net core web API.

.Net Machine Learning 1.4

One of the most important news from Microsoft was the ML 1.4 update.

This exclusive update introduces a command-line interface and module builder that allows the user to own a machine-learning model that will simplify the process of building tools such as consumer segmentation and image classification. Sentiment analysis and sales forecasting are also possible with this new update.

MS Azure

MS Azure has been proven to be one of the best dynamic platforms for microservices on .Net Core, which is useful for developing, deploying, or modifying microservices.

This is a .Net 5 functionality that combines the asp .Net Core web API and data model for high performance. Simply put, these latest updates make the development process even more efficient and performance-oriented.

However, the problem here is that it all depends on the experience of the developer to get the optimal benefit of this broad technology to achieve high performance in the long run.

.NET is an indispensable platform that opens up a huge number of benefits and opportunities for its users. Thanks to the main trends, you will be able to simplify the work process even more. So be sure to follow them!

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